Dr. Oz Shocks Fox & Friends With Pro-Marijuana Facts

TV host Dr. Oz, made an appearance on Fox & Friends to discuss an upcoming interview with Ivanka Trump. Right when the segment is about to end he shockingly defends medical marijuana, stating "People think it's a gateway drug to

California Requests Federal Government to Reclassify Marijuana Officially

California lawmakers are officially calling on the federal government to reschedule cannabis from a Schedule I drug to an alternative schedule. “This measure would request that the Congress of the United States pass a law to reschedule marijuana or cannabis and


4 Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

Whether it be smoke from tobacco, weed, or a barbecue grill, inhaling any type of smoke particles into your lungs is always unhealthy. Lungs do not really enjoy being filled with smoke carcinogens. The main risk that comes from inhaling

10 Potential Health Benefits of Smoking Weed

When it comes to the overall health benefits of smoking weed, there is a lot of misleading information out there. Due to decades of prohibition, cannabis has been a difficult plant for a scientist to get their hands on. Times are