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How to Tell Good Weed vs Bad Weed

All stoners want to consume dank buds, but not all stoners know the true difference between the dank sticky icky and the regs. This video perfectly describes the characteristics of good weed versus those of bad weed, watch carefully. Even you experienced weed connoisseurs can learn a thing or two.

Big thanks to the CannaBeButter channel for this great video.

Good Weed:

Color: Green spectrum/Purple

Buds: Big/Dense Trichromes: Abundant – more crystals the better

Smell: Strong Aromas

Feel: Sticky and not too dry or wet

Bad Weed:

Color: Brown/Black

Buds: Small/Loose

Trichomes: Few

Smell: Stale/moldy/no odor

Feel: Not sticky/crumbly/brittle

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