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Lil Duval Smoking a Big Joint, Eyes Closed, Hands Free While Driving Tesla On Autopilot

Readers, please do not try what you are about to see at home, one bad weed related accident could give fuel to those anti-marijuana campaigns and nobody here wants that.

Though we do know that according to new studies, drivers with cannabinoids in their system did not demonstrate more capabilities of being culpable in road accidents than marijuana free drivers would. This is because people under the influence of marijuana are aware of their impairment and compensate it by slowing down and becoming more focused since they know a response could be needed at any time.

In this case, thankfully nothing happened to Lil Duval but keep in mind, he was not driving any ordinary vehicle. He is driving a Tesla, a brand of automobile designed by Elon Musk with highly advanced autopilot capabilities.

What y’all fake caring about today

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The video shows Duval laying back, eyes barely opened, relaxing with no hands on the wheel just smoking a big nice joint taking full advantage of his Tesla’s unique autopilot feature.

Even though it is said that the self-driving feature of the Tesla provides a more substantial level of safety, higher than that of a human driver. It is important to remember that relying heavily on the self-driving feature caused Joshua Brown a fatal accident in his Tesla. Although not many accidents like that one have occurred Tesla recently made some improvements to their autopilot feature adding new limits to increase the prevention of crashes.

Remember guys Tesla or not, be careful out there on the road, smoke responsibly.

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