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5 Best Ways to Help Make Your Weed Last Longer

Let’s face it, cannabis is expensive and you could be saving yourself a lot of money by following some of these tips below. Here are 5 of the best ways to help your weed go that extra mile, without getting you any less high.

5. Corner Your Bowl

When smoking out of a bowl, try cornering the bowl instead of lighting the whole bowl. This will dramatically decrease how fast the buds burn out and get you higher as well since you get to take more hits.

To do this gently light your bowl and try to just hit the corners. Once you have burnt one corner simply mix the weed in the bowl and burn the corner again.

4. Smoke Joints Instead of Blunts


Using up all your weed rolling blunts?  You may want to consider rolling joints, they take way less weed to roll and can get you just as baked. Not to mention they are also healthier for you since there is none of that pesky tobacco in your way.

If you can not resist blunts, try to smoke only half of it instead of smoking the whole thing. You could get just as lifted, and you will definitely be thanking yourself later when you get to smoke that other half.

3. Ration Your Weed

We know this next tip won’t sound very fun, but it sure will save your weed in the long run. Rationing your weed is all about self-control, the key is to split your stash into separate chunks.

Each having the exact amount of buds you feel is enough to last you the whole day, and make sure you stick to it! Having this strict limit on yourself can help with the temptation to smoke more than you should.

2. Smoke What You Need

Try using a little less weed in your bowls, joints, or blunts. Play with the amounts you need to get you as high as you wish to be. Figure out the formula that suits you best without being wasteful.

It could just be that you are smoking more than you need in order to get lifted.

1. Smoke With a Vaporizer


Fire destroys some THC when it first makes contact to your dank buds. Vaporizers are amazing because they allow you to get lifted with less weed!

Vaporizers heat your nugs at the perfect temperature so that THC is released but the buds do not burn. So not only are vaporizers healthier for your lungs than smoking, but they get you just as high, with less weed. Not to mention you can also use the brown crispy buds left over in the vaporizer to make dank edibles.

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