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Scientist discovered ancient cannabis buried some 2,500 years ago

Scientists are praising what they are calling one of the most extraordinary scientific discoveries of our time. A well-conserved marijuana was found on some 2,500 years old corpse in western China. This unprecedented discovery helps us gain a better understanding of ancient cultures and their use of cannabis for ritual purposes.

The corpse is believed to be a 35 years old man, with Caucasian features. According to national geography, there were thirteen cannabis plants, each of which is almost three feet long.

Scientist used Radiocarbon to determine the date of burial and they believe the burial occurred around 2,400 to 2,800 years ago. This discovery adds to existing scientific evidence that cannabis was well liked among Eurasian cultures, some thousand years ago.

This is one of the first-time scientists have recovered cannabis plant covered in human burial.

The cannabis was found lying in the man body, which led scientist to conclude that the cannabis had been fresh when it was harvested for burial.

Other burial sites were found west of Turpan, including a woman who died of breast cancer, archeologist believes she was using cannabis to ease her symptoms. For more information on the health benefits(read “”)

Scientists are still baffled and are yet to understand the true purpose of the cannabis.

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