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Why You Shouldn’t Smoke Weed Resin

The last resort, the plan B, we get it, desperate times call for desperate measures. Smoking resin sucks compared to smoking actual buds. You can also instantly feel how worse weed resin is for your lungs the moment you inhale it.

People usually only smoke weed resin when they are dry and have no way of getting weed for a while. But before you grab your bowls and start scraping away at your resin. There are some important things you should understand about what you are smoking and the negative effects resin can have on your body.

What is Weed Resin?

If you smoke out of a bowl or bong long enough, you will begin to notice a sticky black tar like substance start building up all inside your pipe. Say hello to weed resin.

Plants produce resin in response to injury. The resin acts as a bandage protecting the plant from invading insects and pathogens.

So simply put, when you combust your weed they leave this “plant blood”  all inside your bowl, and yes it is smokeable. Weed resin does contain THC but nothing compared to the actual buds. It will also feel like a different high, we like to call it a “dirty high”.

Is Smoking Resin Bad For Your Health?

Your health is very important, why do you think vaporizers and vape pens are so popular nowadays. They eliminate harmful carcinogens associated with smoke inhalation.

Smoking anything is unhealthy for your lungs, but weed resin is just on a whole other level. Resin is nothing but THC infused tar, smoking it is a lot worse than smoking the good ol’ green stuff. Weed resin is just plain nasty, seriously it tastes horrible and it is very unhealthy.

We will never recommend anyone to smoke resin to get lifted, always try your best to score some dank herbs. We also understand how temptation can kick in when it is all you have left. So hey who are we to judge, to each their own.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, we hope you were able to find some value in this post. Stay updated and get the latest weed news by subscribing to our newsletter below.

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3 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Smoke Weed Resin

  1. You didn’t really explain anything. If you smoke weed you know about resin and you know its bad. Give some evidence or something more worth my time.

  2. How about the dog bark cough.Personaly at 58 and smoking w/older family or just score at 7 yrs old.reused resin in a bowl should only be cleaned out and new begging .New bud great taste and high.
    Higher then ever.

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