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5 Ideas For Hiding Your Weed

Knowing where to hide weed is a necessity especially for those who need to get lifted on the low key. These tips can also come useful while traveling, keep your bud safe from a nosy family member, or perhaps a law enforcement officer.

A good stash spot has to look unsuspecting and also conceal the smell of the herb at the same time. Regardless of who you are hiding your buds from, these 5 ideas should help you stay lifted on the down low.

1. Electronics

Electronics of all shapes and sizes make for great places to hide things. Find electronics around your room or house that you could easily disassemble and reassemble, lucky for you most electronics are.

For example, an old game controller or iPod can be taken apart easily and could hide a pretty good amount of your buds. It’s easier to use old/broken electronics because you could hollow them out for maximum storage space.

2. Secret Stash Book

Some of the best stash spots are right in plain sight, remember a good stash spot has to be unsuspecting. Ever seen one of those hollow secret books in the movies, well you can have one of those as well.

They are pretty easy to make yourself if you have the right tools click here for detailed instructions. Surprising enough there are also companies that sell secret storage books, perfectly made for you.

3. Highlighter’s

Hiding buds in a highlighter are great for those who don’t usually have a large amount of weed on them. Hollowing out a highlighter is easy, unsuspecting, and conceals the smell pretty good.

Using a knife, carefully pop off the top of the pen and remove the ink-soaked insert.

Clean it, and stuff a paper towel or Kleenex inside the empty barrel to create a barrier between the ink and your buds. Voila, just like that you got a perfectly sealed and inconspicuous stash spot.

4. Deodorant Stick

Hollowing out a stick of deodorant is easy. Simply roll the stick all the way up to the top and pull it out. Once you see the bottom of the casing, you’re half way there!

After that just put the bud (in a baggie of course) inside and just like that you have a great simple unsuspecting stash spot for your magical herbs. You can fit a couple grams and a joint inside this bad boy.

The residual deodorant should help conceal any dank smells leaking from your bag, so that’s also a bonus.

5. Pockets of Old Clothes

Grab a pair of pants, shorts or jacket that are still in your closet or drawer but you never wear anymore. Simply stuff your tightly sealed bud inside one of those pockets and you’re good to go.

They would never go in the laundry since you don’t wear them, so don’t worry about that. Now you are giving those old pants a purpose in life, their your new designated dank weed storage.

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