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Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Red?

Sometimes the easiest way to tell if someone has smoked marijuana is to look them in the eyes. Red, glossy, low eyes can be a dead giveaway that someone has consumed marijuana THC.

For certain people, it occurs every time they smoke any type of cannabis. While for others it depends on the quantity and quality of the marijuana they consumed.

So why does weed make your eyes red?

Red eyes are caused by THC, for those who don’t know, THC is the chemical compound in cannabis that specializes in getting you lifted.

One effect of THC is decreased blood pressure, and when your blood pressure drops your veins get larger to make up for the low pressure. Expanded vessels allow your blood to circulate freely, which make your eyes look red.

This effect is what makes cannabis effective for treating glaucoma. Increased blood flow creates the redness, while the decrease in pressure is the same effect that benefits glaucoma patients.

How Do I Get Rid of Red Eyes?

Don’t be afraid, having red eyes from cannabis is harmless, some may say that it is actually beneficial for you. There are a couple ways to whiten those red eyes, if you are trying to stay a little more anonymous.

  • Have eye drops on deck, eye drops will whiten your eyes very quickly. Check these out.
  • Stay hydrated, drink plenty of H2O.
  • Consume strains that are low in THC and high in CBD, THC is what causes the red eyes.

Extra blood flow is nothing to worry about. Keep that in mind the next time you happen to come across those red eyes of yours.

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