Scientist discovered ancient cannabis buried some 2,500 years ago

Scientists are praising what they are calling one of the most extraordinary scientific discoveries of our time. A well-conserved marijuana was found on some 2,500 years old corpse in western China. This unprecedented discovery helps us gain a better understanding of ancient cultures and their use of cannabis for ritual

How to Tell Good Weed vs Bad Weed

All stoners want to consume dank buds, but not all stoners know the true difference between the dank sticky icky and the regs. This video perfectly describes the characteristics of good weed versus those of bad weed, watch carefully. Even you experienced weed connoisseurs can learn a thing or two. Big thanks to the CannaBeButter

Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Red?

Sometimes the easiest way to tell if someone has smoked marijuana is to look them in the eyes. Red, glossy, low eyes can be a dead giveaway that someone has consumed marijuana THC. For certain people, it occurs every time they smoke any type of cannabis. While for others it depends

5 Best Ways to Help Make Your Weed Last Longer

Let's face it, cannabis is expensive and you could be saving yourself a lot of money by following some of these tips below. Here are 5 of the best ways to help your weed go that extra mile, without getting you any less high. 5. Corner Your Bowl When smoking out of

5 Ideas For Hiding Your Weed

Knowing where to hide weed is a necessity especially for those who need to get lifted on the low key. These tips can also come useful while traveling, keep your bud safe from a nosy family member, or perhaps a law enforcement officer. A good stash spot has to look unsuspecting

Why You Shouldn’t Smoke Weed Resin

The last resort, the plan B, we get it, desperate times call for desperate measures. Smoking resin sucks compared to smoking actual buds. You can also instantly feel how worse weed resin is for your lungs the moment you inhale it. People usually only smoke weed resin when they are dry