7 essential health benefits of using hemp oil

What makes hemp oil so important  Hemp oil has certainly marked its significance throughout history. Hemp oil is unique due to its nutritional properties. Helm oil is filled with nutritional values that can potentially help boost the immune system, improve the cardiovascular system, and accelerate the metabolism. Hemp oil is rich

Scientist discovered ancient cannabis buried some 2,500 years ago

Scientists are praising what they are calling one of the most extraordinary scientific discoveries of our time. A well-conserved marijuana was found on some 2,500 years old corpse in western China. This unprecedented discovery helps us gain a better understanding of ancient cultures and their use of cannabis for ritual

4 Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

Whether it be smoke from tobacco, weed, or a barbecue grill, inhaling any type of smoke particles into your lungs is always unhealthy. Lungs do not really enjoy being filled with smoke carcinogens. The main risk that comes from inhaling smoke is lung cancer, but when it comes to weed,

10 Potential Health Benefits of marijuana

When it comes to the overall health benefits of smoking weed, there is a lot of misleading information out there. Due to decades of prohibition, cannabis has been a difficult plant for a scientist to get their hands on. Times are changing, many American states are now decriminalizing the herb for

The Healthiest Ways to Smoke Weed

It doesn't take a doctorate to know that inhaling any type of smoke is unhealthy for your lungs. Whether it be tobacco smoke or a barbeque grill, smoke particles in your lungs are never good. The main risk that comes from inhaling smoke is lung cancer, but when it comes