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The Healthiest Ways to Smoke Weed

It doesn’t take a doctorate to know that inhaling any type of smoke is unhealthy for your lungs. Whether it be tobacco smoke or a barbeque grill, smoke particles in your lungs are never good. The main risk that comes from inhaling smoke is lung cancer, but when it comes to weed, it gets a little more complicated than that.

Does smoking weed cause cancer but kill cancer at the same time?

Researchers at Atlanta’s Emory University analyzed data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. The researchers did what is known as a spirometry test, a type of breathing test that analyzes and measures airflow as you exhale. Surprisingly enough the studies showed that weed smokers who smoked a joint a day for 20 years straight did not show any symptoms of lung damage.

This does not mean that you can go nuts smoking without a care in the world, remember smoke is never good for your lungs. In fact, a study done in 2014 discovered that smoking weed did leave behind tar in your lungs. Giving smokers long term issues such as inflammation in the small air pathways, trouble exhaling, coughing, and other complications.

The main chemicals found in cannabis, THC and CBD play a key role in answering why marijuana smoke has not been linked to lung cancer. Research from Complutense University of Madrid has discovered that THC causes tumor cells to kill themselves when researched on animals.

This study done by a German University researched the effects of CBD on lung cancer. They concluded that CBD prevented cancer from moving around the body and infecting other cells. This might explain why weed smoke has not been linked to lung cancer.

The smoke is giving you cancer, but at the same time, the THC and CBD may be preventing it from happening.

Even knowing all this, it is still important to stay conscious about your lungs, you need those bad boys to stay healthy. Seriously, try holding your breath for a while and you will remember just how important they are. Here are 3 of the healthiest ways to smoke weed.

 1. Vaporizing

The healthiest way to smoke cannabis is by using a vaporizer. Vaporizers are an effective smoke-free method of consuming weed. They heat your delicate buds at the perfect temperature, releasing the THC and CBD from the plant without combustion.

Since nothing is burned, it does not produce the same toxic byproducts that smoking does.

Vaporization uses a very gentle heat, resulting in a fine mist, similar to steam. Because there is no smoke created, there is no carbon monoxide or noxious byproducts generated. All that is released is the THC and CBD of the buds.

It’s important to note that cannabis concentrates such as dabs, oils, and wax work better with vaporizers since bud does eventually have a small degree of combustion.

If you do vaporize your buds remember you can use the brown crispy weed left over after vaping to create edibles. That’s just an added bonus right there, we personally recommend using the Volcano Vaporizer.

2. Bongs & Water Pipes

The water in a bong is not just there to make a cool bubbling sound when you inhale. The water actually cools down your smoke, catches unnecessary ash and plant particles that later turns into tar in your lungs.

Keep in mind, water and ice do not catch all of the toxic byproducts caused by smoke. Water based smoking methods are far from perfect, but they still reduce the risks of traditional smoking.

3. Edibles

We know this is not related to smoking, but if you want to completely avoid inhaling your herbs, a great alternative is to consume edibles. Cannabis infused foods are an increasingly popular trend due to their powerful long lasting potency and health benefits.

If you are a health conscious snacker as well, no worries, you’re not stuck with just brownies. With legalization on the rise, the variety of options to choose from for a consumer has greatly increased. Check out the edibles sold at Julie’s Natural Edibles, you will be surprised at the healthy snacks you can infuse with THC and CBD.

If you’re feeling extra brave you can try to create your own edibles. A great way to start is to learn how to make cannabis infused butter, otherwise known as cannabutter.

Whatever you can make with regular butter, you can make with cannabutter, making that dank grilled cheese sandwich extra magical. Here is just a small list of things you could make with cannabutter.

If none of the above is your thing, then just try not to smoke blunts.

Blunts are rolled using tobacco, stick to organic hemp joints instead to get lifted.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, we hope you were able to find some value in this post. Stay updated and get the latest weed news by subscribing to our newsletter below.

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